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Strategic/financial consulting


Sometimes companies need the collaboration of advisors to evaluate the course of their company and establish a change of direction

This change of direction is defined and articulated through the development of a Strategic Plan that allows us, alongside the client, to:

Establish achievable objectives, within its current business model; and define measures for its implementation and achievement

Implement the change in direction, either from a strategic or operational point of view: through the modification of its scope of action, or through changes in its business model

Drawing up a cost control and reduction plan

Haya Capital advises companies facing this type of process, using the experience and methodologies that its team has accumulated working for leading consultancy firms and their clients

Strategic / financial consulting

Haya Capital Mergers and Acquisitions offers expertise in business consulting to companies and groups that require specialized advice in addressing situations affecting the evolution of their businesses

Among the situations that may require specialized advice are the management of the generational change, the need for additional resources to finance the growth or contraction of the business, the definition and implementation of additional or alternative business lines, the possibility of leading a process of consolidation or being acquired at the maximum possible value

In situations of favorable economic conditions such as entry into an attractive market, the introduction of an innovative product, the achievement of a competitive advantage, or a favorable change in regulation, among others, companies present growth rates that may cause imbalances in its financing structures

Haya Capital helps companies in the definition and optimization of their financial structure, elaborating the financial projections that support its business plan and will be used in negotiating with financial institutions and new investors. The consequences of this lack of planning may be very different in nature, but most can be avoided with professional financial advice and easy-to-use management control tools

Haya Capital offers its experience in corporate finance, advising its clients throughout the process, which is defined in conjunction with companies’ management teams

Haya Capital can occupy a position, as an independent board member, in companies where a relevant project has been completed, offering the knowledge acquired during the process and providing an independent vision, supported by the analysis, tools and financial models used in the project

The financial models elaborated by Haya Capital are key to subsequent decision-making, insofar as they allow different business scenarios and their consequences to be simulated

  • Analysis and review of corporate strategy
  • Identification and definition of new strategies
  • Review of the competitive environment
  • Preparation of business plans in line with corporate strategy
  • Preparation of periodic economic/financial reports for business monitoring
  • Global financial analysis
  • Review and study of the company’s financial structure to adapt to the new strategy
  • Planning and study of possible investments and their financing
  • Monitoring and control of the companies’ financial and cash flow plans
  • Participation on boards of directors, as independent board members